Summary Synthesis

My IDS program is Human Resources. My degree covers both business and law courses, with a few other courses in the psychology, anthropology, and interdisciplinary discipline. The majority of my degree is business, with 9 total classes at 27/53 credits of my major. I would say the next largest discipline in my contract would be […]

Union Contracts: The Overview and Comparison Between PSU and other Industry Contracts

For my project I decided to focus on Union Contract. I know that these contract can be a lot of information to take in, so I wanted to simplify them to make it easier for any general employee to understand. To do so I chose Plymouth State Universities Union Contract and compared them to the […]

LinkedIn’s Marketing Strategic Partnership & Talent Solutions

LinkedIn has a program called Marketing Strategic Partnership in which LinkedIn chooses technology and service providers that link with different companies in order to provide them some sort of marketing service in which ever field they choose. Currently there are 10 areas of specialization to choose from. They include Ad Technology, Media Buying, Marketing Analytics, […]

LinkedIn’s Innovations & Advantages

LinkedIn’s biggest competitive advantage is its success as a social media platform focused on business professionals and their ability to connect with others. No other social media platform, nor professional network has ever come close to the success that LinkedIn has achieved. I believe this to be true because a social media account specifically branded […]