AP Rough Outline

Working Title: The Alteration of the Work Week

            I am working on the topic of a 4-day 10-hour work week, because I want to find out if it increases happiness and productivity, in order to help my reader understand whether or not it is a successful strategy to change the normal work week. I will do so by researching the topic itself and breaking it down into different sections that will best help me make a final decision. I will make said decision by using the facts presented, as well as my own knowledge of the industry. The following sections will be; does an altered work week affect happiness, does it increase productivity, what is the best setup for a 40 hour week (including both 4 or 5 day weeks), how does the integration of it matter, what is the best integration, how will it affect me in my career, what are the issues associated, and I am hoping for more sections as I conduct more research. Then finally the conclusion with my opinion. These sections will be broken up into separate paragraphs, with their own focus upon the subject. This paper will be a sort of report, using fact ultimately ending with my own opinion. I have started initial research into the first few topics but do need to continue, I would like to be farther than I currently am but have a full schedule filled with the remainder of my major classes, so I have been quite busy writing other essays as well as the applied project.

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