LinkedIn’s Innovations & Advantages

LinkedIn’s biggest competitive advantage is its success as a social media platform focused on business professionals and their ability to connect with others. No other social media platform, nor professional network has ever come close to the success that LinkedIn has achieved. I believe this to be true because a social media account specifically branded for professionals is something that seems to be not very desirable for most. LinkedIn became so successful because it was ahead of the curve, it started out strong and from there the popularization caused other professionals to follow suit. If another platform came along and did the same basic idea, I believe it would not catch on as well, given LinkedIn being the powerhouse they already are. One of many reasons LinkedIn’s competitors do not have much of a chance of taking it down is because of the fact LinkedIn has already crossed into markets all over the world. LinkedIn is in over 200 Countries and boasts 24 different languages. Another strong advantage is the acquisition from Microsoft. Having a major company like Microsoft entrust in you, as well as support you, gives the company a major advantage in the market and in financial freedom. LinkedIn also tends to buy different companies they see promise in usually before they become too large. They have bought companies like Connectifer which helps with recruiting. which gives you information about people in your network, Careerify which helps businesses hire using social media, and a couple of their larger buyouts SlideShare which is a online presentation software, and which is an online learning technology which gives you real learning and certificates of said learning. LinkedIn can successfully see what companies pose a threat as well as what companies can help their platform thrive.

As far as innovations go, many of them have come from the acquisitions of other companies. From these buyouts LinkedIn has taken their services and bridges many of them directly into their platform. The biggest innovation you could argue is that LinkedIn allows user, to find jobs all over the world without having to pay anything to do so. This function is exactly what has made LinkedIn innovative and advantageous over all others. There are many more services LinkedIn has started to offer over the years, that can all be marked as innovations. Some of the largest one offered by LinkedIn are Premium Subscriptions, Marketing Solutions, Learning Solutions and Talent Solutions.

Learning Solutions is something that LinkedIn has somewhat recently created. With the buyout of, LinkedIn has been able to start the new program with an already successful platform, integrated into their own. Learning Solutions, also called LinkedIn Learning is a wonderful opportunity for any person. Continuing your education is both good for you, because you should be always learning, and it is a great for your resume or even your LinkedIn page. Shelf life for new information does not last long, especially in our digital age. You must always be learning new things and adapting to the most recent trends. With LinkedIn learning you can access over 15,000 expert led courses, earn certificates through these courses, and do it all through your computer or phone. The price for a membership to take courses at anytime is also very cheap at $29.99 a month, or $239.98 annually which is around $19.99 a month, both with a one-month free trial. You can even sign up your whole team for a specific course to easily get everyone in the same place for any skill. Courses can be taken in a multitude of different subjects from excel, photoshop, leadership, business software, data science, and much more. Each course come with an expert with the information coming through text and video. Simply said LinkedIn Learning is an easy tool to better develop your knowledge.

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