LinkedIn’s Marketing Strategic Partnership & Talent Solutions

LinkedIn has a program called Marketing Strategic Partnership in which LinkedIn chooses technology and service providers that link with different companies in order to provide them some sort of marketing service in which ever field they choose. Currently there are 10 areas of specialization to choose from. They include Ad Technology, Media Buying, Marketing Analytics, Audience Management, Content Marketing, Community Management, and Audience Engagement. Within each specialization there are a multitude of different partners to choose from. These partnerships are important because they provide a successful, professional, and authenticated source of both marketing and creating a conversation. Also, this is an important tool for LinkedIn, because marketing is one of the most important parts of being successful. In this way LinkedIn, does not have to do it themselves, they have these partners assist their users. All LinkedIn must do is approve the correct partners and from their let them work through their platform. Through LinkedIn’s platform the marketing is cheaper the standard, it helps inform the populous of a product, it keeps the companies in the foreground, and most importantly it engages users. One of LinkedIn’s biggest issues is keeping user engaged on the platform, with the assistance of both marketing itself, and offering marketing to customers, they will surely start to engage more and more users. If the user does not have any need for linking with more people, or looking for a job, these partnerships can provide yet another service someone may be interested in.

Another great service they offer is LinkedIn’s Talent Solutions is a service offered directly through their platform. The service is specifically tailored to companies that are attempting to recruit new hires. The hope for Talent Solutions is to offer insight for HR managers or recruiters to be able to read the data the service offers, and hopefully help target specific qualities in order to hire the perfect candidate. According to LinkedIn the service is working quite well with over 3 million talent professionals actively using the service every day. LinkedIn has also stated that this tool assists recruiters with hiring so much, that the platform consistently makes a hire every 10 seconds. The process of hiring from this tool has 2 steps. The first step is to scan through the long list of applicants and narrow it down a somewhat small list, after that the talent insight tool narrows it down to a few options. But, from there LinkedIn has you ultimately make the decision, because only true instincts and judgment can make the correct choice. The algorithms can narrow down lists based upon key words, job history, and relative skills, it cannot read people or their desires and attitude.

Currently LinkedIn offers four plans, the first two are LinkedIn Premium and is for small business who are less likely to be hiring constantly. The first is the Premium Business plan for $59.99 a month, and Executive plan for $99.99 a month. These plans give you InMail, a free mailing system without exposing your email within the platform, in premium you would get 15 while executive has 30 per month. You can see who viewed your profile, view business/job insights to see what your profile looks like to others, as well as other companies. The subscription also lets you browse candidates, no additional cost to LinkedIn Learning, and open your profiles so that other companies do not need to use InMail credits.

The last two options are Linked for larger businesses and is called LinkedIn Recruiter, the two options spans from $119.99 a month and $999.99 a month. With each plan there is a discount if you buy yearly. With the first option under LinkedIn Recruiter is Recruiter Lite, the only difference here over the Premium plan is that you can save your searches as well as templates. Once you reach Recruiter Corporate you get the ability to either track one or multiple applicant(s), a wider range of search options, and to gain feedback from managers during hiring and interviewing processes. The corporate option is only viable if you are going to be using this tool to hire consistently over the year. Recruitment processes can take months, but with the correct tools, it can reduce the amount of time searching and interviewing and can streamline the whole practice. These tools will create a positive image as well as give you the best results for hiring and hopefully retaining competent employees. Recruiting is a very important part of any company, ensuring you make the correct and timely hire can decide the success of your future.

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