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For my PLN I used LinkedIn, which is an online professional social media used to ‘link’ with other business professionals. The best way to connect or show people what you think is interesting is by first linking with people, and then either liking or sharing content. During the course of this semester I have linked with some of the people I have met through PSU, a majority coming from the HR office that I have worked at for the past 4 years here at PSU. Some of those including Karen Schaffner, Caryn Ines, Joye Cushing, and Christine Alexander. These are all professionals that have in the past or currently do work at the HR office. I have also linked with Shannon Smith and Shakoy Francis who were student workers I met and linked with through LinkedIn.

Through LinkedIn I also was able to do some of the research for my research article, I got a lot of information that I both did and did not use in my essay. But both gave me a better background with altered workweeks.

Through this platform I also discovered other interesting articles that didn’t apply to my major directly, but will still help me become a better business professional in the future.

LinkedIn is a great source of connecting, as well as a source of professional learning. Through my experience, it as mainly been following and liking stuff that I found interesting whether it was about my major and projects or not. With LinkedIn I also was able to post both my applied project and my research article. By posting my two projects I will be able to gain more feedback, or just in general see how people like what I am able to do with my IDS degree.

Overall my experience with LinkedIn as my PLN was very good. I feel as if that using LinkedIn as a majority business major was successful and would have been over any other platform. Through LinkedIn over the course of this semester I have been able to make more connections. Learn more about things outside of my discipline and will help me with my professional life in the future.

If I were to do anything different, I think I would have maybe posted it a bit more, or shared articles instead of just liking them. As a student I have learned how to intake information, and find its usefulness, but I have not done a whole lot to spread information. The only information I have spread are my two assignments, and that has only been very recently. I believe that I have gotten a lot out of my time with LinkedIn, and I think I will keep using the platform throughout my career.

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