Summary Synthesis

My IDS program is Human Resources. My degree covers both business and law courses, with a few other courses in the psychology, anthropology, and interdisciplinary discipline. The majority of my degree is business, with 9 total classes at 27/53 credits of my major. I would say the next largest discipline in my contract would be under the law discipline. While I have only one criminal justice course, I would say that a few of my business courses mainly focused on business law aspects. Therefore, I see them as more of a law centered course.

My applied project is a PowerPoint presentation that encompasses Union Contracts. Union Contracts are large documents that provide a lot of information. This made doing my project a difficult task. Going through just one contract is an experience on its own, and I decided to go through 3 different ones. I went through Plymouth State Universities, the University of New Hampshire’s, and the University of Connecticut’s. I went through and found every clause in common and broke it down to make each commonality easier to understand. Through my major, I have covered Union Contracts, but never in a way that I did for this project. I believe this gave me extra knowledge which will help me for my future in Human Resources.

My research article focuses on altered workweeks. Within the paper I go over a multitude of different types of workweeks, as well as how they work, and what they look like. Through this paper I discovered the positives, the negatives, and everything else that is important to know when deciding to change what your workweek looks like. I believe having this knowledge, just like the Union Contracts will help me in my future career if I ever come in contact with an implementation of an altered workweek.

As a Human Resources degree having these assignments will definitely contribute to my future. As an IDS major in a business focused degree I am in someway at both a disadvantage and an advantage to other HR degrees at other Universities. Since I am under an IDS degree I have more of a background in my education, but less HR focused activities. But, other HR degrees in other Universities have more of a solid course schedule, and therefore more of a focus on HR related activities to help them in their future. I still believe that having a background in IDS, will help me in my future do to the larger background of disciplines.

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